Máy Vắt Sổ

SY6-3/4/5 High-speed overlock sewing machine


Applicable to sewing thin moderate and thickness fabrics. With a wide range of adjustment of looper and straight needle thread vilume. Minimally decrease the pleats when machine is running. The different action and the needle spacing are easy to operate,

SY737/747/757 Super high-speed overlock sewing machine


Applicable to the over edging operation of thin, moderate and thick fabrics. Due to its asutomatic lrbricating device, the machine operates perfectly and smoothly at low sewing tension, and perfect stable stitches even at high speed seaming. 本系列机型适用于各种薄料、 中厚料、 织物的包边或包缝作业。

SY788-3/4/5 Super high-speed overlock sewing machine

Sanye 788

SY788 super high-dpeed overlock sewing machine adopts th world advanced technology, the laest design whihc has an excellent look. It is suitable for overedhing and overlocking on suitcases underwears, shoes, T-shirts, silks, chemicals fibrs etc. It has a fine appearance