Máy 1 Kim

SY0132 Máy chân vịt bước


t is a flat-bed style machine, it adopts link take-up and rotating hook to form stitch 301, and can sew very heavy material with neat and beautiful stitches, low noise, easy mainenance, and minimum difference in stitch length between forward

SY0358 Máy chân vịt bước


The new type of top-bottom feed machine is with link level to drive the lower shaft, and designed with super needle bar stoke, so that greatly enlarge the ability for sewing heavy/super heavy materials. With prolonged arm to offer grreater

SY-735 High-speed lockstitch sewing machine


This machine is greatly improved out of norml lockstitch sewing machine with its take-up-level, rotary hook and feeding system. Can be applied with all kinds of sewing thread when cut the tension 15% down, Stable sewing, excellently low vibration, low

SY-111 High-speed lockstitch sewing machine


Low noise, little vibration and high efficiency, sewing mechanism with low tension and perfect stitches. Few wriinkles and stable stitches. Being suitable for sewing thin and medium material in clothing and knitting. 低噪音、 低震动、 高效率; 低张力缝纫机构; 无褶被、 线迹均匀美观。 适用于服装、 针织等行业的薄料和中厚料缝纫。

SY188-D Máy 1 Kim Xén


Model SY188-D is available to sew all kinds of shirts.West-style suits and similar garments.The unique feed mechanism reduces the difference in stitch length between forward and reverse feed to minimun as even sewing an high speed.The side cutter can complete

SY5550 High-speed lockstitch sewing machine


Beautiful appearance in modelling with excellent function. High speed, high efficiency. One of the most advanced sewing machine in China. Being suitable for sewing medium material in clothing, knitting 造型美观、 性能卓越、 高速、 高效。 是国内最为先进的机种之一。 适用于服装、 针织等行业的中厚料缝纫。

SY6-9 High-speed thick cloth level lockstitch sewing machine


SY6-9 High-speed thick cloth level sewing machines is applied to sewing jeans, tents, seat cushions, leather goods etc. Model LK6-9 the with adoption of automatic.Silicone-oil thread lubricating system which guarantee the stable sewing performance, high efficiency and excellent quality. Equipped

SY6-28 High-speed lockstitch sewing machine


It adapts the purpose of sewing sprts wears overcoats, Under wars, shirts and other similar garmetns, It adapts the wide range of sewing materials and fine sewing quality is. 适用于缝制内衣、 衬衫、 运动服、 大衣或类似服装, 对缝料的适应广泛, 缝纫质量高。